opportunities and challenges coexist——Color Mud Market

publisher: Ashley Lee
Time: 2018-08-11

   Speaking about the current market of colored mud toys, Eric Chen said that modelling clay has a small share in the toy category, but the competition is very fierce."Domestic manufacturers go low price strategy, Especially E-commerce. 9.9 yuan products exemption from postage all over the Taobao, it is a shock for our factory adhere to the quality and safety. But relatively competitive is also an opportunity, a market reshuffle of opportunity, the manufacturer of continued low price strategy will be hard to survive in the fierce competition market environment."

   Compared with the fierce market competition, the greater challenge is the high cost of innovation, development costs for new series of products, marketing budget and so on. High costs, but innovative products don't necessarily sell well." " products need to be tested by the market, and the market also needs new products to drive consumption upgrade. It's also an opportunity and a challenge for companies to keep innovating.