Menzzi Toy Will Adopt Marketing Integration Strategy

publisher: Ashley Lee
Time: 2018-08-10
Menzzi adopts the marketing integration strategy covering all channels. In terms of domestic sales, Menzzi has set up a dealer contracting system in large and medium-sized cities across the country, and has developed products into large-scale super stores, department stores and art and entertainment stores. In terms of export, the products of Menzzi also enter well-known supermarkets and toy stores in Europe, America, southeast Asia and other regional countries. In recent years, Menzzi has also been brave enough to try new channels to spread its products to new sales areas such as chain bookstores, fashion stores and early education centers.
In addition, the company is constantly trying new means and ways to promote its products. Eric Chen who is the general manager of Menzzi toy said, "In the next several years, the company will operates original content on WeChat, Website, Facebook, Twitter and Taobao, and uses new marketing methods such as short video and live broadcast to produce quality content and put it on the whole network platform".