"CE" certification of building blocks not to be underestimated

publisher: Ashley Li
Time: 2018-07-06
In June 2018,  a enterprise of Zhejiang exported children blocks to Turkey. However, those blocks were forced back by the local custom. The reason is that the quality inspection is unqualified when the local custom sampled a batch of product to sent to Turkey bureau of standards (TSE) for testing. those blocks for exporting were fully refunded by customs.
Customs officers immediately conducted a field investigation for the returned goods, and found that the returned goods were caused by the bad faith of export enterprises. Because the cost of raw materials of children building blocks has increased, the export enterprise have cut corners to fulfill orders.
Many enterprises wonder that CE certification is the regulation of EU. Turkey as a non-EU country, why have it this regulation?
It is reported that Turkey does not belong to the EU at present, but it has extensive and important interests with the EU in economic, political and security fields. In order to join the EU as soon as possible, Turkey, as an EU customs ally, has officially adopted the EU standard and CE certification system in its import since April 10, 2004. According to the requirements, since 2007, all imported  children toys, low voltage equipment, building materials, machinery, electronics and other from abroad to Turkey, exporters must provide CE certification and must bear the CE mark on the goods. Turkish customs inspect CE certificates and marks in accordance with the requirements of the EU, and even enforce them more strictly than those of formal EU member states.

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