How to make high-quality building blocks?

publisher: Ashley Li
Time: 2018-06-25


The editor will take you to the production workshop of Menzzi,

Introduce the manufacturing technology of building blocks in detail.

1. Design drawings.

Menzzi has a professional design team and launches new products every month.

2. Choose raw materials.

Menzzi building blocks uses new PP plastic of safety, non-toxic and environment-friendly.

3. Dry storage.

PP plastic enters the production equipment of Menzzi, which is dried by vacuum and then pushed into the stock bin.

4. Melt.

The machine melts the particles at a temperature of 232 degrees Celsius.

5. Injection.

 injecting the melted PP into the mould and apply pressure of 25 to 150 tons.

6. molding.

About 7 seconds later, the new Menzzi building blocks cool and fall on the conveyor belt.

7. Quality inspection. 

Menzzi has a special quality inspection team to conduct quality inspection for the formed building blocks.

8. Packaging.

The workers of Menzzi package qualified building blocks.

9. Encasement.

Menzzi building bricks are cartoned through the conveyor belt and are waiting for delivery.

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