Military toys are becoming more and more popular

publisher: Ashley Li
Time: 2018-06-23

      artillery, ships and other military toys are almost the common interests of boys in kindergarten. The author conducted a  survey in a kindergarten. The survey found that a class has 21 boys, all of them have military toys, 17 boys have more than 5 pieces, accounts for 81% of the proportion of the boy. 6 boys have more than 10 pieces, accounting for 28.6%.


     Military toys refer to items that contain national defense significance, have military characteristics, reflect the scene of war and provide children with games. With the development of society, people's living conditions have generally improved, and  children's toys in their homes have became more abundant and diversified. Among them, military toys account for a large proportion. Education for national defense starts from kids. Military toys are of great significance to the budding of children's national defense concepts. Therefore, we should strengthen the support of  R&D of military toys, rich defense elements of  toy, give play to the education value, inspire children defense consciousness, and mould national defence idea.

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