the Industry and commerce authority clew

publisher: Ashley Li
Time: 2018-06-21

      A consumer bought a stuffed panda for his eight-month-old baby at a supermarket on June 10. In the process of child play, the mother gave her child to feed water, the child suddenly appear choking water phenomenon. After the mother opened the child's mouth, she found the mouth contains foreign matter, and then she quickly pick out with fingers, picking out the plastic nose of the toy panda. Thanks to this matter was found in time, otherwise the consequence is unimaginable. Industrial and commercial authority accept the complaints and entrust the relevant authorities to detection. The test results show that the connection string of the toy accessories (decoration) nose is not in conformity with the national standards. The tensile strength is not enough, so in the process of playing and repeated bite, the line lost.


      the Industry and commerce authority clew: the toys which fittings easy fall off have very big safety hidden danger. At present, there are more than 30,000 kinds of toys in China, which are divided into three basic classes: infant toys, children's toys under three years old and children's toys under eight years old. Nowadays, the industrial and commercial bureau has carried on the quality test for children's toy and announced the quality standard. the authority remind the parents choose and buy toys for their children, they should grasp the four links, one is to see the goods quality standards and safety sign. Children's toys must be certified by the state, including safety warnings and instructions on how to use them. Secondly,  parents should check the stuffed goods of cloth velvet toys have no peculiar smell and the hand feel whether soft. According to national health standards, toys must be filled with new and rigorously sterilized materials.Thirdly, they should check the toy parts are firm. The small accessories of toys can easily fall off if they do not meet the tension requirements, children may swallow them when playing. Fourth, parents should carefully choose the toy with a string for preventing babies and toddlers were suffocated by a rope around their neck while playing.

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