Math of Blocks

Time: 2016-12-05
Summary: This month we will public new type building blocks named math of blocks .What is the math blocks and the benefit ?

What is the math blocks and the benefit ?

Given the many shapes that blockscome in, they are the perfect tool for hands-on learning about basic mathconcepts: shape, size, area, easurement, and equivalencies.

While playing with blocks, your childmay naturally begin to sort them by a particular attribute, such as shape orsize. He may notice that long rectangle blocks make much better bases than thetriangular ones, or that curved blocks need to lie flat on the floor.

This exploration into the nature ofshapes prepares your child for later geometric understanding. You may alsonotice that your child enjoys making long lines of blocks. This is an importantfirst step in grasping the concept of measurement. Children often delight whenthey notice that things are the same length.

 For example, "Look, my blocksare as long as the couch!" This would be the perfect time to ask yourchild, "Do you think you are the same size as your line of blocks? Can youlay next to it to see?" By asking a "next step" question, youextend the learning by asking your child to apply what he has learned from thefirst measurement of the couch to a new object — himself!  

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