Care for children, development of intelligence, choice of "Mengchi building blocks" start

publisher: Star
Time: 2016-11-17
Summary: Zhejiang Teko stationery&Toys Co., Ltd. today launched a focus on puzzle blocks

China'sfamous child educator and psychologist Professor, Mr Chen, pointed out that"when children play, their hands are just a little empty, there must be manythings to help to play up, in order to meet the desire." As the mostimportant playmate of children's growth, building blocks toys can give thechild what has become the focus of the majority of parents.

Inrecent years, with the change of educational philosophy, parents pay more andmore attention to toys, in addition to playing outside the additionalproperties, but how to look for suit educational toys in the building blocksfro children become very important things?

In this context, Zhejiang Tekostationery&Toys Co., Ltd. today launched a focus on puzzle, intelligence,early education series consisting mainly of professional toy digital popular buildingblocks.

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